Sketchup Resources

Useful information for those who use sketchup.

How To Flatten A Model For Printing 

Video On Flattening A Model  –

Make House From 2 elevations – excellnet alternative to hoto match

Match Photo Tutorial  – Shows how to use two photos from different angles.  Uses simple trash bin as example and then goes to interior of office.

Match Photo Sketchup Training Series Part 2 – Large Building

Train Favorites Link Descriptions

KartonModelBau  Excellent collection of Models in .pdf form.

Marcin Sznieder – An architectural modelers. His personal page is at

Jakup K– 3D Warehouse, Virtual Modelers Sport Club Has a facebook page at

Polish Cities In 3D

Seems assoiciated with Geosystem


Raiden67–  A good collection includes rail cars. Comments section.  Includes

Wloclawian– Good Collection of models with comments section.

Small Town In Germany 1900– Fantastic layout

Useful Sketchup Tutorials

A collection of the more useful sketchup tutorials that a model builder would use.

Sketchup is useful for making model plans and for making buildings that you can insert into track planning software such as 3dPlanit. This group of tutorials are often very valuable time savers.

Creating Scenes

Animating Scenes




create own materials

Make seamless textures



Make STL

Import Export STL

Sketchup To STL or DFX


Sketchup Textures

A selected selection of information about adding textures to models that you make in sketchup.

This is particularly helpful when using prototypes for your base design. The information shows you how to use the actual texture from the prototype or to make your own.


3d Texture Warehouse– 30,000 free textures

Stockvault– free textures

CG Textures– free textures

Sketchup Help Adding Textures – Full tutorial and instructions on adding textures and creating your own.

Sketchup Blog Textures – A step by step illustrated guide to adding your own textures.

How To Make Seamless Texture Tutorials– A collection of videos on YouTube

How To Scale Textures – A tutorial specific to sketchup textures.

How To Make Translucent Images

Sketchup For Model Builders

About using sketchup for model builders and railroad track planners with scratch building help.


How To Unfold A Sketchup File

To build a paper model from a sketchup 3d model, you may use unfold programs that make your work very easy.


stl converter

open3model editor





Ho Scale Models From Photos

How to make HO Scale Models from photos of prototype buildings or images that you take from the web.

The process involves the use of Sketchup photomatch. Below are tutorialsl that you will find most informative and will get you started easily.

Sketchup Match Photo Tutorial



FreeCad Information

A collection of tutorials that are related to the use of the CAD design program called FreeCad. It is an attempt to collect those tutorials that are most important to a train modler.

Tutorials Index

Architectural Tutorial

Video Presentation of Arch Workbench – Makes a small block building.

Basic Modeling Tutorial


Google Community

Importing From Sketchup

Build your model with a faster, mesh-based application such as Blender or SketchUp, and import them in FreeCAD in order to extract plans and section views. FreeCAD being made for precision modeling, at a much higher level than what we usually need in architectural modeling, building your models directly in FreeCAD can be heavy and slow. For this reason, such a workflow has big advantages. I described it in this article on my blog. If you care to model correctly and precisely (clean, solid, non-manifold meshes), this workflow gives you the same performance and precision level as the other.



Learn FreeCad Series of How To Videos

yorik step by step to build a building

Blender Information

A collection of tutorials that are related to the use of the CAD design program called Blender. It is an attempt to collect those tutorials that are most important to a train modler.

Video Tutorials

How To Use Blender For Absolute Beginner

How To Make Simple House In Blender

Sketchup To Blender with Textures

Sketchup To Blender Converter


How to save blenderl file.









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