DIY Static Grass Applicator Kit

About the StaticGrassKing static grass applicator kit, how to  use it and how to get one.

Incredible Static Grass Application – beginners and experts alike are able to lay static grass perfectly every time.

Huge Cost Savings – save money by easily making your own static grass applicator that’s more powerful then many much more expensive commercial applicators.

Fast And Easy To Assemble – No special tools required. All connections are solderless. By following the detailed instructions that come with this kit you can have your static grass applicator working within 30 minutes.

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Easy To Use – Your grass container can be nothing more than a vegetable strainer. You can power from your track, a powerpack, or discarded electronics transformer. Is a plug and play static grass applicator

Do Things That You Can’t Do With Most Static Grass Applicators – Get under low overheads, in corners, and other places where it is difficult to add static grass.

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What You Get

A specially designed high powered generator – The heart of the unit is a static field generator that was especially designed to be used in a static grass applicator. It generates a 12 to 15 kV DC output field on a 12 V DC input. T this makes a more powerful static grass applicator then many more expensive commercial applicators. No need to go over your static grass with a vacuum cleaner or toothbrush to make it stand up. This unit makes to stand up straight immediately as it hits the glue

The static field will vary with the input voltage. To get a 15 kV DC field, use a 12 V DC power supply.

This table shows outputs versus input voltage.

The static field will vary with the input voltage. To get a 15 KV field, use a 12 V DC power supply.

Input (V DC)
Output (-KV)

You get the switch, banana connectors, and the solderless connectors that you need along with a plastic container used to mount the electronics.

All that you have to supply is a vegetable strainer, 812 V DC power supply, or loyal lower, some wire and a paperclip.

You also get complete instructions in text and video format showing you how to make your own static grass applicator using this kit.

And you get access to continuing video tutorials that give you tips and show you tricks and techniques for making scenery and using static grass.

Get the best. Get one today.

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