About the StaticGrassKing static grass applicator kit.

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Buy the StaticGrassKing static grass applicator at StaticGrassKing

Static grass applicator kit for low cost, high power, efficient and versatile static grass application. The kit is easy and fast to assemble with a 12 V DC input voltage and 15 KVDC output static field specially designed for applying static grass and easy flocking. Using static grass to make scenery, grass tufts, static grass flowers, static grass trees and bushes will give your diorama its own unique realistic scenery look. Great for any area large or small and especially good in tight corners, edges, borders and low overheads. Included is an illustrated instruction book and our static grass tips and hints guide.

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Here are some images of the kit and what it can do.


Make Scenery Like This


This kit is easy to assemble and has been highly rated by experts and beginners alike.

Buy the StaticGrassKing static grass applicator at StaticGrassKing

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