Negative Ion Generator

Negative Ion Generator

A negative ion generator especially designed for static grass applicators that provides a nominal 15kv output using a 12v DC input.

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This negative ion generator, also known as an anion generator, was designed specifically to be used in static grass applicator’s. It can, of course, be used in any other application that requires a static field of 12 to 15 kV.

A large number of other negative ion generators are designed to be used in air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and other air purification equipment.

This unit differs in that the wiring is such that there is a single lead on the output side which leads is to be attached to the static grass container. The voltage on that lead is -15 kV DC.

There is a green lead that is the ground lead to be used to connect to the surface on which the static grass is being applied. Making such a connection assures full potential and best utilization of the maximum voltage output. That makes the grass stand up very well.

The voltage output on this unit will vary between 12 kV DC and 15 kV DC. This is not adjustable. The variation occurs because a very slight differences in the internal wiring of the unit.

You can see a video with more pictures of this negative ion generator at this link.

You can also see a video of a DIY static grass applicator, that was made using this anion generator, or better described as a static field generator, being used at this link.

You may get information about purchasing this static field generator at this link.

Below the pictures is some technical information which you should be sure to read.


negative ion generatornegative ion generator view 2
negative ion generator wiringnegative ion generator side view

Input: 12vdc

Output: 12kvdc -15kvdc (not adjustable)

Size – Body 6 x 3 x 4 cm — Base 8 x 4.5 x .3 cm

Ships From Europe And US

Model Number – TBF-yd12122

Weight – 109 grams

Wire Lengths – 30 cm

You can get one of these by clicking on this link.  Anion Generators And DIY  Static Grass Applicators

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