Static Charge Generator

This page discusses static charge generators in general. If you wish a static charge generator to make a static grass applicator, the best information is at this link. Static Field Generator

But what follows is good general background information.

Static charge generators take many forms. And they have many uses.

For the scale model railroad fan, electronic static charge generators, rather than the mechanical static charge generators are a necessity.

The electronic versions have many uses in their own right. And they are designed for those particular uses.

For an example, there are static charge generator for air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, air-conditioners and so on.

Many of these are marketed as an anion generators and are rated in the amount of anions that they will put out.

And they are wired for their specific purpose.

And then there are those that go into bug zappers and electronic flyswatters.

Model railroaders will many times use the static charge generators built into electronic flyswatters to make static grass applicators. For many, after they follow the YouTube tutorials and made such a static grass applicator, they find that the performance is less than optimum. The static charge generator is just too low for good static grass application.

Likewise, those who use an anion generator that was made for a vacuum cleaner often find that they are low-power but they additionally find that the wiring is somewhat convoluted.

There are some static charge generators that are made specifically for static grass applicators. These are, of course used in commercial static grass applicators. But they are also used in homemade static grass applicators.

anion generator 15kvanion generator 15kv DCanion generator 15kvDC Output
anion generator 12v DC to 15kvanion generator 12v DC input to 15kv output

They are generally wired specifically for use in a static grass applicator. Here is a picture of a typical wiring diagram.

12v DC anion generator wiring diagram

You can purchase this static charge generator at this link.

Here is a video showing how a static grass applicator is made using a static charge generator specifically made for a static grass applicator.

YouTube video

And if you are interested in one to make a static grass applicator, go to this link. The kit contains a specially designed static charge generator.


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