How To Make A Static Grass Applicator

Complete information about making a static grass applicator.

Some people use a rather complex procedure to make a static grass applicator. And others do it disarmingly easy.

I will take you through the process of building a powerful, versatile unit. It uses a tea or vegetable strainer to disperse the grass. The image on the left shows where we are going in this tutorial.

There are other options that you can choose.

I do not consider converting a fly swatter because fly swatters are too weak, . I have talked with many people who came to us after being frustrated by these things.

Static grass applicators using a closed container, like most commercial applicators do, are good for many uses but are somewhat limited in what you can do with them.  You will see that as you go through this page.  Also, it you look at our section on how to to use static grass, you will see exactly what I mean.

So lets start with looking what is required.   Then we can put it together.

I will cover two simple items first so that you don’t have to think about them as we move forward.


Step one is to come up with a tea or vegetable strainer.

I soldered a wire to the strainer, slipped it through a piece of poly pipe and wrapped the pipe with electrical tape.  On the loose end of the wire I attached a banana clip.





Now you might like to use a container.  So just take a mason jar and wire it up.

Like I said, what we are making is versatile as well as powerful.

And at the bottom of the page there is a another fantastically useful attachment.






Step two is to find a power supply. We will use a 12v DC wallwart.  The anion generator we use allows the use of anything between 5 and 12.5 v DC. Some people find it very convenient to use a 9 v battery,  And they get good performance. You can also use a power back or bench power supply. You can even power it from your track.

Add some connectors.




Click On Image To Get One Of These.

Now we need an anion generator.  We will use a 12v DC input -15Kv DC output unit that is specially designed to be used in static grass applicators. If you click on the image you can get one.  Of course, it you have something else you can use it.

Note you can use this anion generator in any form of static grass applicator

You can get one of these by clicking on the image.




This is how it will be wired.

The thick black wire goes to the strainer.  The green wire is the ground that you connect to the surface of your scene.

The thin black and red wires go to your power supply.  When you connect these, make sure that the red goes to the positive side of your power supply. Reversing the connection will burn out the generator IMMEDIATELY.  So check the polarity of your power supply!



So now we have to connect to the power supply and vegetable strainer.  So that takes a bit of wire and some connectors.

Wire 18 to 22 gauge is ok. Make it light enough that makes you comfortable when you move it around.   The generator is not a transformer so current carrying capacity is not really of concern.

Depending on the power supply you use, you may want to put a switch into the circuit.


Here are two looks that show how some people have put the parts together.

This first image is of a very simple arrangement.   I show it because it is very easy to see how the wiring is placed. We will get more detailed on the wiring below.

You can replace the box with any other box that you pick up at your building supply or on the web.





Click On Image To Get Kit Information

Now here is the unit that we use. It is wired exactly as the one above.

You can buy a kit that gives you all the parts shown here.  It will save you a lot of time by having all the proper parts on hand.  Click on the image to get the details.






This is how it is wired internally.  It is just the practical application of the wiring diagram above.






This is a video that shows the process of assembly. So that you don’t lose this page, the video will open in a new window. That is important because there is more important information below that you should read. Here is the link to DIY Static Grass Applicator.



You will need a grounding wire. It is nothing more than a wire with an alligator clip on one end and banana clip on the other.







This is a fantastically useful tool. I use it when applying static grass to wire trees, making static grass trees, and “rapid fire” grass tufts, weeds and flowers.

All these processes are page on our page How To Use Static Grass.

and How To Make Trees .



Once again, here are links to buy either the anion generator or the complete kit.

Anion Generator

Static Grass Applicator Kit


And here are more videos related to this static grass applicator. Static Grass Applicator Tutorials.











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