About the StaticGrassKing static grass applicator.

What Is The StaticGrassKing

static grass king
The StaticGrassKing is a powerful, plug and play, 15 K VDC static field generator that you configure to meet your exact needs.

configured staticgrassking
You configure it by adding your own grass container (such as a tea strainer) and power supply.

The StaticGrassKing can be used to make scenery, dioramas, flocking, wargaming scenes, grass tufts, wire grass trees, flowers, weed beds, flower beds and patches.

It is portable and power adjustable. Input voltage can be anything from 4 to 12 V DC. Output voltage will vary according to the following table.

Input vDC45.
Output -Kv7.58.59.510.511.512.513.514.5

Your power supply can be batteries, a power pack, your train layout track, a discarded electronic gadget power supply.

You plug in your power supply, grounding wire, and grass container using banana clips which are supplied with the StaticGrassKing power unit.

Just plug them in and start playing with grass.

StaticGrassKing And Scenery

Here are some examples of scenery that you can make with the StaticGrassKing.


To learn how to make scenes like those you see above, the videos below.


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StaticGrassKing Specifications

Power Unit Container – Polystyrene box with easy access to the interior.

Dimensions – 13.2 x 13.2 x 4.2 cm

Weight – 310 grams

European Union Certified – For your safety and reliability, complies with European Union regulations for static field generators.


Benefits of the StaticGrassKing

StaticGrassKing Benefits Summary

  • A 15kv static field with its unique configuration makes it a more powerful static grass applicator than many much more expensive commercial applicators.
  • Versatile – Change grass containers to suit the task at hand. Use one type container for large areas, another for fine detail work, another to make wire tree branches and so on.
  • Modular – The grass container can be small and light without integral electronics and switches. Result – you have better control and easier grass laying, adding branches to wire trees, making weeds and grass patches and tufts.
  • Separate Grass Container – Grass is easily changed without having to handle entire grass applicator.
  • Low Cost – You don’t have to pay for the power supply or grass container. You probably already have something that can be used.
  • Flat Surfaces – The control unit stays in place.  It does not roll around table.
  • Uses a static field generator especially designed for static grass applicators.
  • A powerful 12 v DC input with 15KV static field output unit that makes laying grass easy. No grass flying all over the place.
  • Unique variable input to output voltage control allows you to work at output voltages as low as 7.5 kilo volts DC
  • 12vDC input so that you do not have to work with 110V or 220V power.
  • The electronics are European Union Certified.

Comments About the StaticGrassKing

Here are a few typical comments.  There are many more.

“Just tried it out fantastic great kit very versatile” – MC

“Listen to this man don’t buy the cheap electric flyswatter they are under powered.” – BB

“The most effective static grass applicator in YouTube.”  – PS

“It works!  I have a Noch Grassinator, a Flockbox a flyswatter static grass applicator and I bought the Grassking Static Field Generator and it is by far the best I have used and it is the most versatile.  My train group has been converted to using the Grassking pictured here.  We have had excellent results using it and I would highly recommend it to anyone working with static grass!  The service has also been great.   It comes with excellent instructions.  I have bought the kit which goes together very quickly and one diy for another project.  Both have worked flawlessly.”  – B

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To Get A StaticGrassKing Kit

North American Buyers

Buy On Amazon (Prime Available) Delivered From USA Click Here

Europe And Other Locations

Delivered From Europe Click Here

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