DIY Static Grass

A tutorial on how to make your own static grass to use with your own DIY static grass applicator.

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DIY static grass applicator
DIY Static Grass Applicator

Homemade static grass does have some advantages over the commercial brands. All too often the commercial brands are made from a shiny synthetic. So after you lay the grass you have a shiny field or lawn. To make it look better you have to go over the top of it with some dust or tinting powder. Covering everything to remove the shine can be a little bit difficult.

Homemade grass is natural and lacks that shine. So once you apply it you don’t have to apply any powders.

As far as materials go, we have found that the best materials to use to make your own static grass are human hair and rayon or nylon fibre.

You can try any other thin filament that responds to a static field. Feedback to us from a website visitor indicates that white rabbit hair works well for him. We have not tried it.

Our preference is to buy a used blonde rayon or human hair wig – look at yard sales. It being blonde, we can dye it whatever color that we wish.

You can also get all the human hair you will ever want, and probably free, at your barber shop

If you going to make DIY static grass, expect to spend a bit of time because you going to have to get the hair, clean it, get an assortment of dyes, dye it, and then cut it.

So if you are going to make it, plan on making a large batch to make it time cost effective.

Once you get the hair that you’re going to use, the first step is to give it a good washing and a good rinsing.

Now you are ready to dye it

You can use hair dyes or, as I do, the regular dyes used to dye wool. Follow their instructions to get the color that you want.

Once it dries, you have to cut that hair to length.

Gather the hair and run a fine comb through it so that it lays flat. Then with some very sharp scissors cut it to the length that you wish.

If you are going to make a trimmed lawn, you will find that if you cut your own static grass the lawn may not be so well trimmed. It is because of that, that we use our homemade static grass in fields and around the edges of forests. For trimmed lawns, we buy commercial grass which one can rely on as being uniform in length.

We use a grass made in Czech.  It is a favorite among clubs in Europe.  Some large companies sell it under their own brand name.  You can get it cheaper here.

Here is are videos showing how to  use static grass.


Build the static grass applicator used in the video from a kit.

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