How To Use Static Grass

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How To Use Static Grass

A complete guide to the many ways that you can use and apply static grass to your layout.

Each of the videos here has some very interesting and useful information that can help you make your layout look better.

You might also be interested in information about static grass applicators and making your own. Go to Static Grass Applicator.

And if you wish to buy a negative ion generator so that you can make your own static grass applicator, go to Negative Ion Generator.

Simulating Static Grass – Use your vacuum cleaner instead of an expensive static grass applicator.

Making Static Grass Look Real – Shows how to apply the static grass and how to press it down to look like grass in a field.

How To Layer Static Grass – Shows how to get varying heights of weeds in a field. Excellent.

A complete guide – to adding flock, static grass, clump foliage, lichen and tall grass to
your scenery. Long but has many different methods. Very long but gives
you many ideas on working without a static grass applicator.

Make Flexible Static Grass Patches – How to make flexible patches of static grass that you can apply to the layou.

Glass Bottle Static Grass Applicator – A simple and effective static grass applicator made from a bottle.

Simple Way To Apply Static Grass – Uses an external plastic container to apply grass.

Railway Modelers – Basic adding grass base but does not cover static grass. This is a guide to simple addition of turf.

Flowering grass tufts – Exellent video on making a collection of flowers.

Static Grass Tufts – Makes grass tuft and then adds stems from paint brush to make flowering weeds.

Non Static Weeds And Grass – Excellent demonstration that shows how to add grass without a static grass applicator. Uses a vacuum cleaner.

Vines and Bushes – Budget vines and bushes.

Flocking Basics In depth guide to flocking

Real Dirt Part 1 – About processing and adding real dirt to your layout.

Real Dirt Part 2 – More on using real dirt

War Scenics – A static Grass layering spray – Supplies static grass and more scenery items.

How To Model Static Grass Tufts In Place – Kathy Milat on making tufts directly on layout.






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