How To Make Trees

An extensive collection of tutorials on how to make scale model trees.

Trees make the difference on a layout. And as it is, most scale model layouts suffer from a deficiency of trees. This is probably the most common fault with most scale model railroads.

Making scale models trees takes varying amounts of time. Some of the information here shows you how to make realistic trees in 5 to 10 minutes each. Other trees may take 4 to 5 hours each.

Since properly populating a layout with hand made trees will normally take 50 to 100 trees, it is important that you learn the different methods and end results so that you can make a wise choice as to how you want to spend your time.

So you are invited to peruse the information below to see how various people make their trees. And having done that you can make your own decision.

In all, this information shows how to make realistic trees that look much better than the commercial variety.

Several ways to make model trees for dioramas and model train layouts.

Techniques, tutorials, tips, hints plus a lot on using natural materials.

This information in this page should be useful for anyone interested in making trees in small or large quantities.

Trees From Natural Materials

Trees From Seafoam and Easy Spruce trees are probably the best choices to add trees to a layout or diorama.

seafoam treesTrees From Seafoam

Trees made from seafoam are fantastic. Not only can you use it for trees, the leftovers make small trees and bushes.

The video under this image takes you through the process.

But the seafoam is expensive. By growing your own, you can have all that you want at a very low cost. Grow it outdoors or indoors all year round. You might find reading this information useful. Grow Seafoam

You can get seafoam seeds here.

model spruce treesEasy Spruce Trees

Made with sisal fiber, these trees are cheap and quick and easy to make.

Below is a video showing a simple jig, or machine if you will, that makes the production process really simple.

You can get sisal fiber here.



simple tree machineUltimate Tree Machine

I like to fill my dioramas and layouts with trees. After having played around with several tree making machines, I broke it down to this. It is simple and easy to store. Do watch the video by clicking on the image.




trees made from weedsTrees From Weeds

These are ideal shrubs and scrub trees that grow here and there. I have used hundreds of these in my dioramas and layout. Watch the video to see how easy they are to make.




model trees from roots

Trees From Roots

Modeling quick realistic trees from maple tree roots.

This fellow is one of the best scenic men I know of. The techniques he uses here can be adapted to adding foliage to wire trees..



pine trees from rootsPine Trees From Roots

The fellow who made the video immediately above also made this video. It is must watch quality.







deciduous root treeDeciduous Trees From Roots

More on using roots. Shows how to use roots instead of polyfoam.






Wire Trees

Wire trees are specialty trees made by modelers who like to model trees. Because they take quite a bit of time to make, they are not really useful for adding a forest to a layout. But they are wonderful additions to detailed diorama scenes.

model wire scotts pine treesScotts Pine Wire Tree Armatures

Making the armatures is quite simple. The video to the left shows how the armatures are made.

There is a more detailed step by step tutorial here. Reading this page is highly recommended.




scotts pine needlesScotts Pine Needles

The video shows how to make Scotts Pine Needles using human hair as the base.

A step by step guide can also be found in this web page link.



n scale scotts pineN Scale Scotts Pine Trees

For those using N Scale, this page provides a fine way to make trees. Click here.







static grass treesEasy Static Grass Trees

Trees like this really stand out. They are fast and easy to make. The video to the left shows how it is done.





wire aspen treeMaking European Aspen

Excellent instructions on how to make wire tree armatures.




wire birch treesWire Birch Trees

Learn how to make birch trees at this link.


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