How To Make Trees

An extensive collection of tutorials on how to make scale model trees.

Trees make the difference on a layout. And as it is, most scale model layouts suffer from a deficiency of trees. This is probably the most common fault with most scale model railroads.

Making scale models trees takes varying amounts of time. Some of the information here shows you how to make realistic trees in 5 to 10 minutes each. Other trees may take 4 to 5 hours each.

Since properly populating a layout with hand made trees will normally take 50 to 100 trees, it is important that you learn the different methods and end results so that you can make a wise choice as to how you want to spend your time.

So you are invited to peruse the information below to see how various people make their trees. And having done that you can make your own decision.

In all, this information shows how to make realistic trees that look much better than the commercial variety.


Seafoam Trees

Click On The Image To Get Seafoam Seeds.

With Sea Foam and some different foliage colors you can easily create nice trees.

You can buy the seafoam plants or grow your own.

A step by step guide to making trees from seafom plants is at Seafoam Trees.

Buying the plants can run into a lot of money. So it is a big benefit to you to grow your own.  The guide under this link is most informative.   How To Grow Seafoam.



N Scale Scotts Pine Trees

Click The Image For A Video On How To Make The Needles.


Well made Scotts pines really get attention.  Making them in N Scale can be tedious, especially when it comes to adding the needles.. This tutorial shows you how to make Scotts pine trees using 3M Scotch Brite as the branches. N scale Scotts Pines

The video on the left shows how to make needles for all scales.




How To Make Armatures For Straight Trunk Trees

The page links gives you detailed information that you can use to make armatures for pines, beech and other straight trunk trees.

It presents an easy to follow step by step procedure.

To see how it is done, Go to How To Make Armatures




Make Scotts Pines Needles

A video that shows you how to make your own needles.

Making needles this way is very inexpensive and it is very easy to use. The video on the left shows how it is done. And here is a text version that you may like.  Scotts Pine Needles.

This is an alternative. It uses 3M Scotch Brite. The needle pads made like this can  also be used in many other ways and when making many other types of trees.  How to do it is at N Scale Scotts Pines Trees




How To Make Scotts Pines

Scotts Pines HO Scale Trees. Click On Image To See How To Make Them.

How to make scale model Scotts pine trees. The process described here is for making foreground, presentation grade trees.

If you buy Scotts pine model trees, it gets very expensive.  So making them yourself can be a big money saver.

Follow the step by step tutorial that you see here. Make Scotts Pines






Make Realistic Spruce Trees


Click To Watch A Video Showing The Process

Making trees using this procedure provides you a fast and easy way to add a large number of realistic trees to your layout.

The best way to see this is to look at the video on the left.

In any case, here is a link to a text version of the step by step process.





Make DIY Long Grass For Making Twisted Wire Spruce Trees And More

Click On The Image For A Video Presentation

Sisal fiber is best us to use when making Spruce trees. This link shows you how to do it quickly and easily using sisal rope or twine. It shows you how to take this horribly twisted rope or twine and very quickly make the fibers straight – and really usable.

This page takes you though the process.  DIY Long Grass

And the video on the left shows you more.



The Ultimate Spruce Tree Machine

This is a simple jig that is very useful when making Spruce trees. The link here takes you to more details.  The page also contains a video that shows how to use it.

Go to The Ultimate Spruce Tree Machine





How To Make Static Grass Trees

Click To Watch The Video.

This is a process that will allow you to make realistic small pines quickly and easily.

Watch the video.






How To Make Wire Deciduous Trees

Wire trees take a bit of time to make, but they are well worth the time if you want to have presentation grade trees in your diorama or layout.

Add leaves for spring, summer and fall looks and leave bare to make a realistic winter look.

Make all species using scrap wire cable. Click on



How To Make Birch Trees

A Swamp Surrounded By Birch Trees.

This will take you through the process of making some very fine looking scale model birch trees.  Go to  How To Make Scale Model Birch Trees

















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