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Tips And Hints For Growing Teloxys aristata Seafoam

To put everything in perspective, consider that Teloxys aristata is such a noxious, almost uncontrollable weed.  In fact it is actually banned in some places.

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That tells you that it is not really hard to grow.  And once you get it started, it will reseed and give you an annual crop.  The seeds fall on the ground and grow.

So I do the same.

First here is basic germination information.

Teloxys aristata Seafoam seeds will usually germinate in 7 to 21 days. Normally they will only germinate with light so surface sow.

Sow Teloxys aristata Seafoam seeds on the surface of a general purpose, unfertilized seed sowing mix at about 23°C.

Sow on the surface of moist compost, use a translucent cover to allow light in and to keep the compost humid and warm (do not place in direct sunlight)

Try to sow sparsely, Teloxys aristata is prone to damping off, and will grow spindly if sown too close together.

From the cold, dry Gobi desert, Seafoam likes humidity to germinate, followed by dry conditions once established.

The best germination occurs with seeds that have been frozen for two to two months.

Don’t cover it.  Surface sow it just like it seeds naturally.

There are two approaches to growing it.  One is when you have a large outside area and the other is when you have a small area such as a small apartment.

With a large outside area, start the plants using the procedure outlined in small apartment procedures, found below,  and transplant them.

Another way is to spread them in the fall. Spread them thickly and let them winter over.  In the spring, you will have a crop started.

Here is how to grow it all year round in a small apartment.

Using planters, I grow them year round on my balcony in the summer and on my windowsills in the winter.

The planters are filled with ordinary plant potting soil.








I cover the soil with a very thin layer of sand.

Seeds, removed from the freezer, are spread thickly over the sand.  The plants are thinned later. Seeds by the thousand are cheap.  Get them here.


I put a piece of acrylic sheet over the planter until germination starts.


Then let it grow.






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