Linden Trees

All about the Linden tree, also known as Lipa, with many pictures and information.

It is a deciduous tree with heart-shaped leaves and fragrant yellowish blossoms, native to north temperate regions. The pale soft timber is used for carving and furniture.


linden tree branch
Linden Tree Branch
linden tree edges
Linden Tree Edges
linden tree edges 2
Linden Tree Edges 2
linden tree edges 3
Linden Tree Edges 3
linden tree edges 4
Linden Tree Edges 4
linden tree edges 5
Linden Tree Edges 5
linden tree edges 6
Linden Tree Edges 6
linden tree group
Linden Tree Group
classic linden tree warsaw
Classic Linden Tree Warsaw
linden tree trunk arrangement
Linden Tree Trunk Arrangement
linden tree trunk arrangement 3
Linden Tree Trunk Arrangement 3
linden tree trunk arrangement 2
Linden Tree Trunk Arrangement 2
linden tree trunk arrangement 4
Linden Tree Trunk Arrangement 4
linden tree trunk arrangement 5
Linden Tree Trunk Arrangement 5
linden tree on road
Linden Tree On Road
linden tree trimmed
Linden Tree Trimmed
linden tree trunk 2
Linden Tree Trunk 2
linden tree trunk 3
Linden Tree On Road

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