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N Scale Scotts Pines Trees

How to make realistic N scale Scotts Pine model trees.

There is an alternative to using the Scotch Brite pads shown in this video.  This link shows you what they are and how to use them. They are extremely cheap and easy to use.

This is a google translation of the Dutch language article “Loof van Scotch Brite” that is at this link.

Carrying medium

To make realistic model trees for scale N, it is important to use a ‘load-bearing medium’ suitable for that scale for the foliage.
You can use standard scour pads such as Scotch Brite for this. For a tree in scale N or use the finer ‘pads’ that are normally used for fine (post) sanding of wood.

Image: 01 The basic material; sanding pads Photo made by: Jos Geurts
Image: 02 Tearing the pad Photo made by: Jos Geurts

Try to tear the pad in half. This will not work in one go.

However, that is not the intention either, but when pieces come off a few centimeters, that is enough.
You can tear these pieces back into pieces of one to two cm long / wide. They naturally become irregular.

torn pieces
Image: 03 Divide the pad into smaller pieces. Photo made by: Jos Geurts

If you have a supply ready, you can glue the pieces onto the bare branches with a little All-Glue (eg TESA).

Image: 04 On the left a tree with Scotch Brite, on the right one with (partially) peat Photo made by: Jos Geurts

… and then treat with some short grass fibers and some (H0) ‘Course turf’ and / or ‘Fine turf’ from Woodland Scenics.

And then we see the result here:

finished tree
Image: 05 A Flying in scale N Photo made by: Jos Geurts


another finished tree
Image: 06 A ‘trunk’ Photo made by: Jos Geurts

End Translation

For complete information about making scale model trees of all kinds go to How To Make Trees

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