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About the plant Teloxys Aristata, also known as sea foam, that is used to make ho scale model trees.

The “Sea foam” used for model trees is an imported Scandinavian plant and indeed the one used by Scenic Express for their Super Trees. To my knowledge, it is not sold in the States under any other name. The material is far, far superior to any product available in crafts stores or elsewhere.

Sea foam or Teloxys aristata as it is called. It grows throughout Siberia and even reaches as far west as Poland.

It seems you need to treat them pretty harshly. They prefer to be in poor soil with good drainage and watered only every few days with a good soaking of the soil – most of which water you will loose if you have the right drainage.


What little i know is…

Mon, 2013-06-17 21:06 — kleaverjr

…the plants like a dry sandy soil. They will grow in either cold or hot climate. But being DRY is essential.I went and bought a cubic yard of the same type of dirt they use for baseball diamonds.Very sandy, very loose.

I bought my seeds, HOWEVER, i am NOT certain if what I ordered is the actual correct plant. This is why I posted this topic. Whatever seeds I planted is what is growing out in the greenhouse, but i am not certain if it is the Teloxys plant. So far there is only very thin green leaves, no indication of any kind of flowers whatsoever.

We shall see.Maybe the flower buds come later in July or August.

You can buy seeds here CartonBuiltModels  and from this company. Chilternseeds

I have had a browse around the rest of the web and found a few sites with information on propogating them but very little on care for young plants. If it helps anyone else considering having a go with these it seems you need to treat them pretty harshly. They prefer to be in poor soil with good drainage and watered only every few days with a good soaking of the soil – most of which water you will loose if you have the right drainage.

Monika can translate this.

So here’s the challenge: to grow its zeeschium. It works ? It’s profitable?

Rule of the scam.

So I warn you now: I will play in the Julien Courbet you, me. Oh yes, because the zeeschium is basically a big scam!

As a concrete example. About 13 euros for a brand box Berka (model railroading) Reference 8001. Dimensions approximately 18 x 30 x 8cm. Ten feet in it. The feet are not tight in the box, and measure about 20 cm. Some trees is done with, okay. I’m in about 4 or 5 with my method.

Now see another solution. 1 bag of seeds Teloxys Aristata Seafoam (this is the name of zee) cost about 3 euros (Beaumaux seeds, Nancy, looking on Google). Okay, be added in the 6 euros postage. So much order several packages! In one package there are about 1000 seeds. Even if 50% loss is to see … in any case I’ve seen! If I sold them at half that price, I pay myself some big resin kits with what I get …


Zee manual.

In early May, I sow seeds (1 package) in two small furrows spaced 20 to 30 cm and a length of 1 meter. The ground, hoed well, very fine. The exhibition, on my gear, is full sun all day. The shadow comes in the late afternoon.

First, nothing grows for almost 3 weeks (fear, anxiety). I water every day, carefully not to stir the earth. Finally, 3 to 4 weeks later, something pushes. I do not know if it’s my seedlings or not, when in doubt I leave. It is in the groove (see close-up with white string), small. Some plants are slightly larger.

It grows very slowly. Mid July, nothing advance; I say it’s done for, all you need on vacation two weeks, returning all be dead. Never mind.


Returning in early August, surprise! I find big plants (it has hardly rained, and no watering!) Throughout the sown area. There are not bad, and I say Than Air all this will be beneficial for the larger plants. But it’s difficult, everything is too tight and I can not remove small plants without tearing or breaking other shoots: I drop, we’ll see.


Second fortnight of August, the shoots are expanding, growing and begin to turn red. I almost sprayed more and it does not rain. It’s very hot.

Colors bis …

End of August, this time red is predominant, the plants continue to grow. We see hundreds of black seeds on twigs I watered at all, and the heat is stifling all day.

Finally picking …

Finally comes the time to pick. How do I know? We’re past mid September, the plants stop growing; the rains returned and it is a sun plant; more wind sometimes begins to break branches. In short I do not know, but I think it’s time I tear everything!

Final conclusion.

The final report is simple. An archive cardboard stuffed to death zee; Thousands of seeds, to recover once the dried harvest and replant the following year; given the size of some plants (see photo with the model that gives the scale), the branches sold commercially are in fact only a SMALL part A SINGLE plant (it kills me, that!); 3 euros give me the amount of about … I do not know, I … I would say 50 Berka boxes! Without any exaggeration!

So … even if I count the picking, packing (it should cost more than the seeds!), And everything, the truck, the margins of middlemen and my dealer …

… They are a little crazy to sell it the price?

Adding the following year.

Well it’s simple: a box harvested without planting anything! The seeds fell when picking after this article gave; the following year, enough to make the Mormal Forest in 72nd!

Okay, I exaggerate a little. But not as much as the prices for what remains a kind of weed …

When did the actual flowers start showing? I planted the seeds I received from a seed vendor, and something is growing where I planted the seeds. Right now it’s just green stringy leaves that are sprouting up. No flowers buds whatsoever. When I pulled a plant out of the soil, the “trunk” of the root was white, with white stringy roots that go deep into the ground. I’m trying to determine are these teloxys plants or not.

Thanks for any feedback!

Ken L

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