Seafoam Trees

How to make trees using seafoam as the tree armature.

To Get Seafoam Seeds, Click On The Image

You can buy seafoam armatures or grow your own.  Here is a link to a page on how to grow seafoam. How To Grow Seafoam.

And if you would like seeds to grow your own seafoam, go to Seafoam Seeds and Other Tree Supplies.


Below is a google English translation of a Dutch language article “Bomen maken van zeeschuim” that is located at this link.

Edited by: / Author: Chris van Diesen – Edited by Hans van de Burgt


With Sea Foam and some different Foliage colors you can easily create nice trees. When you have bought the Sea Foam in a box, you will see a sea foam foam. You must carefully pull it apart, but be careful, the stuff is very delicate and breaks quickly.


You need the following to make trees with Sea Foam:

  • Sea foam:
Purchased ready-made or from our own culture.
  • Foliage in a number of colors:
Available in various brands and available at the model railway store.
  • Spray glue:
Available in various brands and available at the hardware store.

Image: 01 Bunches of material
Photo made by: Chris van Diesen

Image: 02 Raw tree
Photo made by: Chris van Diesen

Try to remove some rough pieces of Sea Foam. Those pieces actually look like trees straight away. However, remove the loose branches and shape the tree to your own liking. Remove a branch here and there, shorten the trunk and remove leaves (the real leaves).


seafoam tree
Image: 03 The tree is taking shape
Photo made by: Chris van Diesen
Image: 04 Various types of foliage for the trees
Photo made by: Chris van Diesen

When you have done that, give the tree a little more volume by going through it with your fingers. Simply carefully pull the fluff on it, so that entangled pieces of fluff are nicely detached. It is gradually starting to look more like a tree.

Now it’s not usually autumn on the model railroad, so it’s time for green. Anita Decor has a large number of different Foliage colors. Choose some colors, but watch out that you do not take too bright green! Even now and then a little bit of brown can’t hurt. It can represent a dead tree, or, if you still want to depict the fall, a little bit of brown Foliage can also be used for that.

Spray Glue

spray glue
Image: 05 Glue from the spray can
Photo made by: Chris van Diesen
seafoam in sawdust
Image: 06 Spraying the glue
Photo made by: Chris van Diesen

The next step is to spray your tree with Bison Glue Spray . You can buy this at any DIY store. Fully spray the bare tree with spray glue. Do this at a distance of approximately 20 cm, and gently rotate the tree while spraying. It really doesn’t have to be much, the spray glue quickly gets stuck everywhere between the twigs.
Apply Foliage

applying foliage
Image: 07 Spreading the foliage
Photo made by: Chris van Diesen
extra foliage
Image: 08 Fallen foliage along the tree is at the
bottom of the bin
Photo made by: Chris van Diesen

Choose the desired Foliage color, and sprinkle the tree over an old (shoe) box and turn the tree again, while you sprinkle a lot of Foliage. No worries; if you use too much, then catch it in the box again. When the entire tree is full of Foliage, gently tap it against the edge of the box. Foliage that has not caught will fall off by itself. And you can put this surplus material back in a jar or bag. With a small bag from Anita Decor, you can therefore make a lot of trees.

The Result

seafoam tree
Image: 09 The results are impressive…
Photo made by: Chris van Diesen

Image: 10 The results are impressive…
Photo made by: Chris van Diesen
seafoam tree
Image: 11
The results are impressive…
Photo made by: Chris van Diesen

You don’t have to buy many different Foliage colors. You can also treat the trees with the airbrush. A nice color for this is sand yellow. Spray a tree very lightly with that color and it gets a light greenish-yellow glow. You can also spray the tree with a different color of green. By varying color and coverage, it is possible to simulate almost any color.


seafoam scene
An overgrown forest edge has been made with long grass (Heki) and Icelandic moss (see: photo 12). By opening a piece here and there, nice vistas and open spaces are created.

End Translation

For complete information about making trees of all kinds, go to How To Make Trees

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