LED Lights

A directory of the most popular ways that all types of LEDs are used in dioramas and model  railroad layouts.

Included are text and video tutorials on standard leds,  neopixels and strip leds. Arduino codes are included for each.

Choosing LED Lights For Dioramas And Model Railroads –  Learn Here.

How To Use LED Christmas Lights In Your Model Railroad – Learn Here

Calculate LED resistor value – Learn Here

Make Colored LED –  Learn Here.

Arduino Lightning –  Learn Here.

Arduino thunder and lightning delayed thunder – Learn Here.

Model Railroad Level Crossing with Flashing Lights And Bells –  Learn Here.

Arduino Multi-Track Level Crossing With Four Gates Flashing Lights And Alarm Bells – Learn Here.

Random Blink Array (page is empty) – Learn Here.

Shift Register Blink – Learn Here.

Led Fade up fade down – Learn Here.   has only a woki video

LED Light controller – Learn Here.

Randomly Blink LEDs     –   Learn Here.

LED Strip effects just one link to codes.  Copy and make a video of each. Learn Here.

Led Fade up Fade Down –  Learn Here.

Arc Welder That Is Switch Controlled   Learn Here.

LED Pixel Controller And Wiring Diagram  – Learn Here.

Arduino Control An LED with a button – Learn Here.

Sensor controlled flashing lights    – Learn Here.

Thunder And Lightning Effect Using Pixel Strip, LEDS Or Light Bulb – Learn Here.

FastLed Tutorials For Using PIXEL LED light strips  – Learn Here.

Blink LEDs without delay  – Learn Here.

Arduino Using Pixel LEDs –  Learn Here.

Sunrise To Sunrise LED Model Lighting With Complete Scenery Animation Control – Learn Here

Arduino Arc Welder That Runs on a time schedule – Learn Here

Extend PWM Pins using TLC5940 – Learn Here





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