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Choosing LED Lights For Dioramas And Model Railroads

Using Micro LED and Christmas lights for models.

Materials needed:

LEDs have a much longer life than incandescent lights.  So if you don’t want to waste time replacing burned out lights, use LEDs.

LED Christmas lights.  Get discarded sets or sets after the season.

Prewired micro SMD LEDs.  These are cheap and convenient to use.  Get them on eBay.

Shrink tube 1.5 mm or so and 2.5 mm or so.  Once again go to eBay.

28 gauge wire.  Get it very cheap here.

Liquid resin flux.  Make your own fast, cheap and easy.  And this flux is the best, by far, of any flux a modeler would use.  Click to learn how to make you own.


12V 560 ~ 1500 ohms can be used.

5V  100 ~ 1500 ohms can also be used.

The larger the resistance value, the dimmer the light will be.

Get resistors on ebay.  I generally use 560 and 1,000 ohm resistors.

Vero Board to be used as your junction point.  Get vero board here.

Third hand – This optional piece of equipment makes it easy to work on the vero board.


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