Model Level Crossing

 Model Railroad Level Crossing With Flashing Lights And Warning Bells But No Gates

A model railroad level crossing that uses roadside railroad crossing flashing lights with warning bells only.

This is for a single Eastbound / Westbound track. For multiple tracks, a separate code is required.

The sensors are designated sensorEast and sensorWest. The code is designed to allow the train to stop between the East and West sensors and the alarm bells continue to ring.  If the train leaves the crossing in either direction, the bells stop ringing and the lights stop flashing.

Level Crossing Materials Required

arduino nanoNano





perf boardPerf Board





dfPlayer ProDFPlayer Pro






8 ohm mini speakerMini Speaker






pin headersPin Headers





IR Sensors








Telephone Cable Wires

Roadside Railroad Crossing Flashing Lights

Warning Bells Sound


Get the pictured part as a kit.  Go to


The Level Crossing Arduino Code



Level Crossing Simulation



Level Crossing Wiring Diagram




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