Build A Model Of Narrow Gauge Diesel Locomotive LxD2

About building an Lxd2 which is a narrow gauge diesel locomotive.

Building a good LXd2 starts with having good plans. When you get down to it, if you don’t have a good plan you have nothing.

Once you have the plans, you can decide whether you want to make a stationary model for an operating model.

Listed here are two types of plans the first is a plan for 1 to 25 scale carton model. You can use the plan to make either a carton model or use it as a plan to make a brass or styrene model.

If you want a stationary model, the plan book shown in the video below can be used to make a beautiful 25 scale model of an LXd2.

But don’t limit yourself, you can print the plan and use it to make a brass or polystyrene operating model. The plan is scaled 1 to 25. Adjust the scale, print it, and use what you have as a pattern.


YouTube video

The LXD2, being as popular as it is, has enticed many people to make brass kits. Below is a link to a particularly good kit.

A Brass Kit To Build An LXD2 – This is in Polish.  If you open the page in Google Chrome, it will be translated for you.


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