Dutch Steam Engine 13

About Steam Engine 13 that is now displayed in the Netherlands Train Museum.

dutch steam engine 13

75 engines of this class were built in Manchester Great Britain for the Netherlands railroadsby the company Beyer Peacock & Co.

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The large wheels made it useful as a passenger engine and it could reach speeds of 80 km/h.

This particular engine is the oldest original engine remaining in the Netherlands. It operated until 1932.

The tender was scavenged from another locomotive of this class, SS 8, which explode in 1868. The Stoker was killed, the engine rocketed some 30 m, but the tender remained intact.

The the engine was called De Brit – Specs – which was a reference to the front wall of the engineering space that had two windows which looked like a spectacles.

Because railroad management was worried that the crew would fall asleep, the work area was designed to be uncomfortable and only the front wall was provided as a wind shield.

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engine 13 view 1 engine 13 view qaurter engine 13 view side
engine 13 view from above engine 13 view white engine 13 view tender side


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