Electric Locomotive E77

About the German made electric locomotive designated E77


The German DRG Class E77 was ordered in 1923 and entered service in 1924. The 56 units of this class were specifically intended for the Halle (Saale), Leipzig line and for routes in southern Germany.

The E77 had been designated a light multi-purpose locomotive within DRG’s first classification programme. Later it was mainly used on freight trains.

The engines were delivered by BMAG , Krauss and LHW BMS delivered the electrical parts.

In service, the E77 distinguished itself with a rather limited result. One was never really satisfied with its running abilities. Moreover, there were often problems due to the many flexible electric cables. During World War II all engines ended at the Halle and Hanover in exchange for Class E75.

When sufficient numbers of new electric locomotives were available, Class E77 was retired and save for E77-10, all units were scrapped. For a few years, E77-10 still served as a switch heating engine at Halle central station and was then converted to a heritage locomotive at the Dresden railway works, where it has been restored.

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