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Steam Engine Cn2t Las

About narrow gauge steam engines designated Cn2t LAS.

This page also contains information about and a model of a steam engine designated Cn2t Las.

The picture shows a picture of the Cn2t LAS that is in Bieszchady.

Commemorative Coffee Mug

You can get a collector’s coffee mug with an image of the Cn2t LAS on it. Information about that can be found by clicking here. Railroad Mugs

engine Cn2t Las mug left view engine Cn2t Las mug front view engine Cn2t mug right view

What Does Cn2t Mean?

The letters designate a general type.

C indicates 3 powered axles, n indicates saturated steam, 2 indicates the number of cylinders and finally t indicates that it operates without a tender.

LAS indicates that the design is approved for operation in forrests.

For a complete discussion of engine designators see Engine Type Designations.

The Cn2t LAS is a forest steam engine. It was designed to work in the special conditions required for forest operations.

The design was based on the German steam engine that used a two axle system. But with the soft grounds in the forests, in order to reduce actual load, the Polish engine was designed with three axles.

In order to minimize forest fires ignited by burning coal and sparks, it also had a specially designed firebox, smoke box and chimney and in some cases was fitted with a spark arrestor.

The word Las in Polish means forest. So engine was given the name LAS because it was designed to work in the forest.

The engine was primarily used for the transport of wood. Rarely was it used for passenger service.

The engine was produced by the Polish manufacturer Fablok. It was produced to operate on 600 mm, 750 mm and 785 mm gauge track.


Cn2t Las Images


This engine is at the Bieszchady narrow gauge train station. See Bieszchady

cn2t las 1 cn2t las 10 cn2t las 2
cn2t las 3 cn2t las 4 cn2t las 5
cn2t las 6 cn2t las 8 cn2t las 9


Plans To Build Cn2t Las

You get plans to model this narrow gauge steam engine Cn2t Las

Here are pictures of a replica model that you can build.

Below the pictures is information about using the plans that allow you to make a highly detailed replica of the engine.

Cn2t model image 1 Cn2t model image 2 Cn2t model image 3
Cn2t model image 4 Cn2t model image 5 Cn2t model image 6
Cn2t model image 7 . Cn2t model image 9

You get a book of plans and information about the engine.

The plans offer modelers and collectors the opportunity to build a highly detailed, museum quality, replica of the original locomotive. The model can be made using 1 mm card stock, styrene, or brass. The basic instructions in the book focus on card stock construction. Just substitute the material of your choice.

The resulting model is a highly detailed 1 to 25 scale replica of the original engine.

You can see a video review of this book with all the details at this link. Video being updated.

Here are images of some of the pages in the book. They show the visual instructions, text information and instructions plus some of the pages with cutouts.

Do watch the video for complete information.

Cn2t model instructions 2Cn2t instructions 3Cn2t model cutoutCn2t model cutout 2Cn2t model cutout 3Cn2t model cutout 4

Cn2t model cover Cn2t text Cn2t model instructions

Cn2t Las Plan Book Details


Number/size of the sheets with parts to cut out: 9 x A4

Number/size of the sheets with instruction drawings: 6 x A4

1 page with colour side view

Difficulty level of the model in 1-5 scale: 4 (from 1-very simple to 5-very complicated)

Computer drawings

Scale 1:25

Length of the model: 242 mm


You may purchase a copy of the model at Cn2t



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