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Steam Engine Information

Information and history of about steam engines in Poland including operating narrow gauge lines.

Operating Steam Trains

Locomotives Poland – A complete listing of Polish locomotives with comprehensive information about each.

Steam Engines

Text Description and Pictures of selected engines.

Steam Engine Od2 – These steam engines operated in Poland until 1958.

Steam Engine OK1 – The oldest operating steam engine in Poland.

Steam Engine OK55 –  More of an experiment than a well designed steam engine.

Steam Engine OKl27 – The first locomotive designed and manufactured in Poland.

Steam Engine Ol12 – A much modified steam engine with a long and colorful history.

Steam Engine Ol49 – A much used passenger steam engine that was put in use to replace foreign designs.

Steam Engine OS24 – A passenger steam engine with high traction that was designed to run on weak track.

Steam Engine Tkt48 –  The last steam engine to run in scheduled service in Poland.

Steam Engine TKw2 –  This locomotive proved to be highly valued by the Prussian railways.

Steam Engine TY23 – The heavy coal hauler that worked all over Europe.

Steam Engine TY37
– The replacement for the TY23.

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Narrow Gauge Steam Engines

Narrow Gauge Steam Engine Lynx – This steam engine was used as the starting point for other engines as well as being used extensively in its own right.

Steam Engine Tw29 – Polish narrow gauge tank steam locomotive TW 29 was produced in the years 1929 and 1930. It was used for many years (1929 – 1976) by the Upper Silesian Narrow Gauge Railroads on 785 mm track.

Steam Engine Px29 –  This locomotive proved to be a successful design. It was well-liked because of its ease of use.

Borsig Bn2t – A very popular design for industrial use.

BN2t Freudenstein

Cn2t Las – Built for forest operations.

Narrow Gauge Wilanowska


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