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Steam Engine Ol12

Steam Engine Ol12
Steam Engine Ol12

The Ol12 was a much modified steam engine with a long lasting and rather colorful history.


O – Passenger Locomotive
l – axle Arrangement – 1-3-1
12 – Initial year of production.

The engine was initially produced to run on saturated steam. Later production used super-heated steam.

Having a low axle load, they were mainly used in Southern and South-Eastern Poland.

The wars in Europe saw engines change hands almost constantly. In spite of the turmoil and destruction, one has survived and is still in operating condition at Chabowka.

You can read the complete tumultuous history of this engine at

Ol12 Commemorative Mug

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engine Ol12 mug left view engine Ol12 mug front view engine Ol12 mug right view

The Ol12 Model At The Warsaw Train Museum

ol12 model 1 ol12 model 2 ol12 model 3
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