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Standard Gauge Passenger Steam Engine Ol49

A much used passenger locomotive, the steam engine Ol49 was put into production to replace older, inefficient foreign designs .

Ol49’s predecessors, Ok1 and Ok22, were very useful with light local trains. But an engine that could pull more was necessary.

Such was the reason for the development of the Ol49.


Though it was intended to replace the Ok1 and OK22, it did not. The Polish Railroads used all three together.

As diesels came on line to replace the steam engine, the Ok1’s and Ok22’s were removed from service before the Ol49. The Ol49 remained in service for about 10 years after the last of these older series were removed from service.

Some of them remain in service today at the Wolsztyn Train Museum.

You can find a complete history of the Ol49 at

Commemorative Coffee Mug

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engine Ol49 mug left view engine Ol49 front view engine OL49 mug right view

Ol49 At The Warsaw Train Museum

ol49-1 ol49-a ol49-b
ol49-1 ol49-a ol49-b



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