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Standard Gauge Passenger Steam Engine Tkt48

The first engine built after the war and the last steam engine to run in scheduled service.

Steam Engine tkt48
Steam Engine Tkt48

The TKt48 is as distinctive an engine as you will find.






Tkt48 Tkt48 Tkt48
Tkt48 Tkt48 Tkt48

The picture at the top right shows a TKt48 at the Wolsztyn Train Museum. You can get a collector’s mug with an image of the TKt48 on it. Information about that can be found by clicking here. Railroad Mugs

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T  –  Freight locomotive
K –  Tank Locomotive
t – axle Arrangement 1-4-1
48 –  Initial year of production.

After the Second World War, Poland needed an engine to handle passenger traffic in and around the cities and in the southern mountain areas.

The engines had to be able to navigate steep grades and tight curves. And because many of the terminal stations did not have turntables, they had to be able to travel at high speeds in both directions. The need for speed was, however, offset by the need for high traction.

With these factors in mind, the TKt48 was built with small driving wheels the size of which would normally be used on a freight engine. So its designation classifies it as a freight engine, but for the most part it was used for passenger service.

The PKT 48 was the last steam engine in Poland to be used in regularly scheduled passenger service. And, it was the first steam engine built for the Polish state railways after World War II.

They were built by the factories Fablok and Ciegielski. There were around 200 engines built. Most stayed in Poland but others found their way to other countries in Eastern Europe.

You can see some of the engines of various train museums around Poland. And there is one that operates at Chabowka.

You can find much more about this engine at


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