Steam Engine TY23

About one of the most built steam engines used in Poland – the TY23.

The Ty23 was a heavy freight locomotive that satisfied Poland’s substantial need for an engine that could haul coal in large quantities.


Up until 1939 the TY23 was the main steam engine used for hauling heavy goods. They were replaced by the locomotive TY37 starting in 1937. Read about the TY37 here

Initial production of the TY23 was done in Germany and Belgium. In later years, production was moved to Poland with factories such as Fablok, Parowoz and Cegielski.

The TY23 engine was very popular among train crews. It was a sturdy engine and when accidents occurred, the survival rate of people on the floor plate was high.

The TY23 operated until 1979.

The picture at the right shows a model of the TY23. You can get a collector”s mug with an image of the TY23 on it. Information about that can be found by clicking here. Railroad Mugs

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engine TY23 mug left view engine TY23 mug front view engine TY23 mug right view


T – Freight locomotive
y – axle arrangement 1-5-0
23 – Initial year of production.

You can read a very complete history of the Ty23 at this link.

In Poland there are three preserved steam locomotives in open-air museums: Ty23-104 (construction HCP) in Chabowka, Ty23-145 (bud. WSABP) in Jaworzyna Slaska and Ty23-273 (bud. WSABP, rebuilt into broad gauge), which in mid-March 2012 it was taken from the museum in Karsznice to the roundhouse in Skierniewice (belonging to the Polish Association of Railway Lovers).


ty23-45 ty23-model-1 ty23-model-2


What follows is information about the model plans that you can use to model the TY23 and a link to where you may purchase that model.

Plans To Build Steam Engine TY23

You get plans to model this Polish Standard Gauge Steam Engine TY3

This is what the model looks like when completed


steam engine TY23 -8steam engine TY23 -6steam engine TY23 -7

steam engine TY23-9 steam engine TY23 -12 steam engine TY23 -11
steam engine TY23-13 . .


You get a book of plans and information, including specifications, about the engine.

The plans offer modelers and collectors the opportunity to build a highly detailed, museum quality, replica of the original locomotive. The model can be made using 1 mm card stock, styrene, or brass. The basic instructions in the book focus on card stock construction. Just substitute the material of your choice.

The resulting model is a highly detailed 1 to 25 scale replica of the original engine.

You can see a video review of this book with all the details at this link. Video being updated.

Here are images of some of the pages in the book. They show the visual instructions, text information and instructions plus some of the pages with cutouts.

Do watch the video for complete information.

steam engine TY 23 steam engine TY 23 -1 steam engine TY 23 -2
steam engine TY 23-3 steam engine TY 23-5 steam engine TY 23 -4


TY23 Plan Book Detail

Plan book title – Polska Ciezki Parowoz Towarowy Z 123 Roku

Number/size of the sheets with parts to cut out: 28 x A3

Number/size of the sheets with instruction drawings: 9 x A3

page with photographs of the model

Steel elements printed with use of metallic paint

Difficulty level of the model in 1-5 scale: 5    (from 1-very simple to 5-very complicated)

Computer drawings

Scale 1:25

Length of the model: 800 mm

Author: Jerzy Janukowicz



You may purchase the model here. Ty23


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