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How To Play Sounds On A DF PlayerPro

About and advantages of the various ways to play sounds on a DF player Pro.

The DFPlayer Pro has two playing modes. The factory supplied manual control and user modified mode.

Standard Factory Manual Control

The Wiki for the player shows the standard ways that the player is manually controlled. And it provides information about additional control modules used to control the player.

This site and its tutorials, however,  focus on dioramas and model train layouts. The information about manual control is not really very useful.

User Sound Control

Playing sounds with the factory system involves keying a play button either manually or electronically.  And when that is done, a voice says “Music”. And the play button must be keyed to play.

That is called a voice prompt.  We will  bypass the play key and remove the voice prompt. In that way as soon as the player is powered up, it can play.

There are many advantages to removing the voice prompt.  They are discussed here.

This video clip shows the difference between a player with the voice prompt remove and one with it removed.

.Note that you can get a kit, which kit includes sounds and programs, here.

With the prompt removed you must control the player with a properly programed Arduino. An Arduino Nano is fine.  The player will output signals on two channels when the Nano is powered up. Each channel can feed a speaker or one a speaker and the other a  switch of some sort, such as another Nano.

How To Start The Sounds

The sounds will start when the Nano is powered up. That can be done either manually or electronically.

A simple switch is enough to start it manually.

Electronic startup involves an external device causing power to be applied to the Nano


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