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HO Scale Wood Shed

This page is about scratch built wooden sheds and how to make them.

Below are some images of scratch built wooden sheds. The sheds include chicken coops, firewood sheds, outhouses, and small garages or storage sheds.

wood shed wood shed 2 wood shed 3
wood shed 4 wood shed 5 wood shed 6
wood shed 7 wood shed 8 wood shed 9
wood shed 10 wood shed 11 .

The wood used to make the sheds was pine cut from the fruit crate and aged in accordance with the video shown below. You can, of course, use whatever would you wish.

YouTube video

All the sheds, with exception of the open front firewood sheds, were made by gluing the wood to card on which the plan for the shed was laid out.

Here is a picture that shows you an example of a wall of the building being made in this fashion.

wood wall

You can draw your own plans. I use the free Sketchup program to draw my plans. I print the plans and paste them to 1.5 mm card.  The card gives the building strength.

Another easy thing to do is to take a simple carton model plan such as the small station shown below, print out the plan and overlay it with wood.small staton
You can do that with any plan that you have bought.

Here is a link to a whole series of very inexpensive plans that you can use.  Carton Models

For the open front sheds, first make the frames and then overlay them with wood planks.

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