DIY Exhaust System

How to make an inexpensive, portable, exhaust system.

This exhaust system is generally used for soldering brass, airbrush painting, general dust removal, noxious odor, such as acrylic accelerator, WD40, solvents, etc. , removal. and anything else you don’t want floating around in the air.

Note that you can use this to provide an exhaust system for your own DIY portable spray booth. See that at DIY Spray Booth.

First there is a gallery of images showing the system.  Below that are general instructions that you can use to build your own.

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How To Make DIY Exhaust System.

  1. Cut mdf, plywood or cardboard to fit your window or other discharge port.
  2. Attach fan or fans
  3. Make box to cover fans.
  4. Insert ventilation tube into box.
  5. Attach box to main board.
  6. Attach wire to box to hold compressed tube.


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