How To Control 3 DC Locomotives Using A DIY Wireless System.

How to control 3 DC locomotives using a DIY wireless system.

The system allows either one operator to control 3 DC locomotives at once or have control split among 2 or 3 operators.

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There are two parts to the system.  A throttle that is the transmitter and a receiver.

Wireless DC Control
A video well worth watching.

Here is a video that shows you how it operated.  Click here.






To make it easy for you, here are the parts lists.

These parts are used to build the throttle

  • Arduino Pro Mini – Amazon or eBay
  • Joystick, Amazon and
  • HC-12 radio transceiver – from, and other vendors
  • OLED display – and Amazon
  • On Off toggle switch – various vendors, junk box
  • 3 @ 3mm red LEDs – various vendors, junk box
  • 470 ohm resistor
  • Battery – 3.7 volt from cell phone – eBay or junk box – look for a cell phone battery with a built in protection circuit
  • on/off switch – any SPST switch will work – various vendors, junk box


These parts are required to build one receiver. You can build up to 3 to use with this system.

Receiver Construction
The receiver parts list and a photo are below.  In addition you will need to supply 12 to24 volts DC to power your trains.  I have had good service from recycled laptop power supplies.

Here is the step by step guide to make this system. Click here.

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