How To Cut Acrylic Sheet.

This page shows two methods to cut acrylic sheet at home very easily. The sheet cut using these methods is that which is typically used in picture frames and to make cases for dioramas such as seen in this video.

Information about making that diorama can be found at Mini Christmas Village

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The sheet used is typically 1.5mm or less.


You can use either a box cutter or inexpensive acrylic cutting tool. If you want to cut thicker sheets, these won’t do the job.

We have found that as not professional acrylic cutting people, a cross cut saw works fantastically well. Put the acrylic on a piece of MDF and then cut through the acrylic and MDF. You get a smooth edge without effort. Try this on a piece of scrap before buying special blades or cutters and especially before ruining good sheet with a jig saw or other cutting tool.

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