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How To Cut Thin Acrylic Sheet

How to cut acrylic sheet at home without cracking.

This is a very simple process that you can use to cut thin acrylic sheet.


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Here is a video that shows how it is done.






How To Cut Thin Acrylic Sheet

  1. Lay acrylic on flat surface with square edge.
  2. Place straight edge along cutting line.
  3. Scribe lightly multiple times with a scribing tool or box cutter.
  4. Move line over sharp edge of bench.
  5. Bend acrylic down until it snaps.


To the left is a DIY scribe made from a hacksaw blade.  It is useful for scribing brass sheet, acrylic and more.

Don’t press hard with the scribe or you will puncture the sheet before you can make enough passes to be able to make a clean break.

10 to 30 light passes is a normal count. The smaller the piece and the more experienced you are, the lower the count.

It is best to use a fairly thick straight edge.  A piece of aluminum strap is great.  You can get it at your local building supply.

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