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Make Colored LED

Step by step instructions on how to change color of LED lights.

Colored LEDs are expensive.  Using these techniques to take a white light and make it suit your needs will save you a lot of money.

There are a few ways to do it. You can dip or brush paint your LEDs, cover them with colored tissue paper or color them with permanent marker pens.

We have found that market pens give us the best results. And because of the variety of colored pens available,  we can make a wide range of colored LEDs.

With marker pens you can color standard LEDs and SMD LEDs.

To color SMD LEDs, just cover all surfaces with the ink.

For standard LEDs, it is best to rough the surface with a fine emery paper.  The rough surface holds the ink better than a smooth one.  240 grit paper is fine.

When you roughen the surface you convert a clear bright, white light into a warm, diffused colored light. Another way to say it is you convert the cheapest light into a more expensive one.

You can get clear white LEDs,  at a good price at that,  here- PolandsBest LEDs




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