Znin Narrow Gauge Ride

About the train ride that you can take between the Biskupin Archaeological Museum, Wenecja Train Museum, and Znin, Poland.

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Narrow Gauge Steam Engine
Narrow Gauge Steam Engine

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The Biskupin Archaeological Museum and Wenecja Narrow Gauge Train Museum are attractions in their own right. But adding to those attractions is a particularly attractive narrow gauge train line.

This train line was established to serve the sugarbeet industry. Today it operates in a much reduced mode as a tourist attraction .

The ride is particularly nice. The scenery is absolutely beautiful.

Most people board the train at the Biskupin Archaeological Museum and ride to the Wenecja Train Museum. This is a smart thing to do because there is ample parking at the Archaeological Museum but at the Train Museum it is virtually nonexistent.( One must park alongside the roads and walk a good distance to the Museum).

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While most passenger traffic is between the two museums, you have the opportunity to go all the way to Znin itself and then back past the Museums to the last stop at a station in Gasawa.

Whether you are someone interested in narrow gauge railroads or someone just interested in touring the area and learning about the history of Poland, a visit to this area is quite rewarding.

Here is a direct link to the schedule for the operating trains on this line. Znin Narrow Gauge




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