Pay For Hobby

How to pay for your hobby or anything else that catches your interest.

A hobby can become rather expensive. And so can be travel, and many other things that you would like to have or do. Like tools, rolling stock, model kits, paints, plywood and everything a modeler uses plus travel to train shows and more.

You can watch this video for details or read the text below.

The Internet provides many ways to earn the extra income that you would like to have to pay for these things. And sometimes that income can be quite significant.

But most of the methods used to earn that income are themselves expensive, complex, time-consuming, and often just beyond the technical capabilities of most of us. It’s just a waste of time to really consider them.

For example, EBay, Amazon, ETSY, and the other marketplaces take a lot of time and money. And these big marketplaces all too often cancel accounts out of the clear blue destroying what people have built.

I have been making money online since 1996. I was one of the first people to use the web commercially. Boy did I get grief when I first started. In those days the web was not supposed to be used for business. That, as of course changed.

I have looked at almost every moneymaking scheme out there. I sell in 6 different marketplaces, diversifying so if one gets canceled, I don’t see my income go to zero. But it takes a lot of time.

I have found that perhaps the easiest place to make money, and perhaps the safest also, is on YouTube.

You do not have to make videos, you do not have to have a website, you do not have to invest in any inventory, you don’t have to do shipping, and you do not have to do marketing.

There are millions of videos on YouTube that you can republish. They will generate income for you.

And that can be, believe me, big income.

For you to do that you have to learn how to set up a YouTube channel to make money for you. Setting it up is not hard and learning how to do it can be fast and easy or rather time-consuming.

When it comes to republishing YouTube videos, you can dig around on the web and find all sorts of videos telling you how to do this and do that.

That is time-consuming and you’re likely to make a lot of mistakes before you succeed. And the give up rate doing this is high.

Easier is to follow a step-by-step guide.

There such a guide. The cost is $1 and that $1 is refundable on request anytime within 60 days. With that you get started. You can go into a lot more depth with an upgrade. And once again that is refundable on request within 60 days.

You may not use it now. And you may never use it. But at least you know it’s there and maybe someday you’ll decide, Hey, let me give it a shot.”

So, at least take a look.

Go ahead and read it through and then do what you will. It will be a learning experience.

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