Chabowka Skansen

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The railroad museum,  or skansen ( an open air museum) is a fantastic place to visit.

Not only can you view a large collection of railroad equipment, there is a lot to do.

The museum is very tourist friendly.  It boasts a bed and breakfast facility, train rides, train rental and full support for train preservation efforts.

The museum has about 90 antique rail vehicles: standard gauge and narrow gauge

They organize retro train trip that use historic steam engines and diesel/electric  engines.

You can rent steam engines with service, wagons, historical warehouses, and more.

They have a small overnight facility with 25 beds in double, triple and quadruple rooms. Guests have at their disposal a kitchen, a fireplace room, barbecue, parking.

Note that the area around the museum is beautiful. So stay there at a good price and tour the area.

The annual parade of steam trains is nothing short of fantastic. This is  a short clip showing just part of the several parades of engines and trains at the 2017 annual event.

Here is a link to the Chabowka Skansen Page – This is in Polish. Use it to get contact information so that you can check what events they have scheduled.

And here is a map. You can also get contact information if you click on larger map.

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