Sochaczew Narrow Gauge Train Museum

Sochaczew Narrow Gauge Train Museum

About the Sochaczew Narrow Gauge Train Museum which is a popular tourist attraction in Poland.warsaw train museumThe narrow gauge train museum is located at the station for an operating tourist narrow gauge train line.

The display at the museum is  nothing short of fantastic. There are many engines and cars, and all are well maintained.

They have, of course, operating engines to haul passenger cars during the tourist season. They generally run on Saturdays and in the summer
months they also run on Wednesdays.

The Sochaczew Narrow Gauge train museum museum is part of the Warsaw Train Museum.

It is easy to get to by train from Warsaw and other points. One just hasto get off at the main PKP Sochaczew station. When you exit the main station you go straight up the street and in a short distance you arrive at the narrow gauge station. You can’t miss it with a narrow gauge engine displayed at the entrance.

Here is more information.

Sochaczew Museum Site 1

Sochaczew Museum Site 2


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