Wolsztyn Train Museum

The train museum at Wolsztyn is a must visit place for people
interested in steam trains.

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Generally speaking, the main tourist attraction in Wolsztyn is
Wolsztyn Train Museum which actually includes the Steam Engine
Roundhouse. An image of the roundhouse is at the right.

Wolsztyn Steam Engine Roundhouse

PKP Cargo On The Wolsztyn Roundhouse

Extensive information about everything at the Wolsztyn
roundhouse. In Polish.

Steam Engines At Wolsztyn

A list of all the steam engines at Wolsztyn

Wolsztyn Experiences

A collection of videos at Wolsztyn Parades and private visits.

Pictures Of Wolsztyn And Roundhouse

A good collection of pictures of Wolsztyn and the Roundhouse.

The Wolsztyn Region In Pictures

A collection of pictures of the Wolsztyn region along with
some pictures of the roundhouse.

Almost complete information About Wolsztyn
In Pictures

Many images and information about Wolsztyn

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