Steam Engine Borsig Bn2t 11463

Information, pictures, models and history of the Steam Engine Borsig Bn2t – 11463

The Borsig Bn2t – 11463 is one of the more famous narrow gauge steam engines in Poland. Made in Germany, after a long history of industrial use, the Borsig Bn2t is now used to haul passengers at the Malta Park not far from the center of Poznan.

Borsig BN2t 11463
Borsig Bn2t 11463 at the Maltanka Station,

In this page we have a very large collections of pictures of the Borsig engine plus pictures of a model. You may purchase the kit to build this model by going to this link.

For a complete review of the model kit, watch this video on YouTube.

The picture at the left shows the Borsig Engine at the Maltanka station. As many as 200,000 people per year pass through that station and ride the Maltanka line. Not only do they enjoy the train itself, they enjoy the wonderful and varied scenic view of the Malta Park. Information about the Malta Park can be found here. You can also watch a video about the Malta Park at this link.

German Narrow-gauge Steam Locomotive Bn2t “Borsig”

In the years 1920-1930 Berlin A.Borsiga locomotive factory built 215 narrow gauge steam, saturated vapor locomotives, of which 73 for 600mm track.

On February 13th, 1925 a locomotive with a serial number 11458 was built for Walter Hoene, a technical-commercial company from Berlin. The company sold the locomotive to S. Jerelowski, a landowner from Obrzycko on the Warta River. The steam locomotive was used in the construction of levees.

After World War II, along with its twin copy, the locomotive was moved to Zakłady Azotowe – a nitrogen fertilizer plant in Chorzow, where it was used for transporting waste to a spoil tip, until 1977, when the narrow-gauge railway on the plant premises was closed down.

Then for a few years it stood as an exhibit in a park nearby the plant, where it was destroyed and devastated.

In the early 1990’s it was handed over to the Railway Modelers Club in PoznaÅ„.

In 1994, ZNTK (Rail Rolling Stock Repair Workshops) in Piła performed repairs of the boiler, which were completed in 1999 by H.Cegielski manufacturing company

It is currently used in the Park Railway Maltanka in Poznan (the name Maltanka comes from the Knights of Malta, who used to own the land and the old church nearby), It also leads trains on other narrow gauge lines sometimes.

In Gniezno-based workshops, a tender was designed based on a narrow gauge tender, which is occasionally attached to the locomotive in order to extend its reach. The Locomotive power is 40hp and the maximum speed is 30 km/h. Its weight is 8 tons – including 0.3 tons of coal and 550 liters of water (in the locomotive). It has an oil lamps for headlights.


Pictures Of The Completed Model of The Borsig Bn2t

This particular model was assembled by the author of the model pland.

Borsig bn2t modelBorsig bn2t model 2Borsig bn2t model 3
Borsig bn2t model 4Borsig bn2t model 5Borsig bn2t model 6
Borsig bn2t model 7Borsig bn2t model 8Borsig bn2t model 9


Pictures of the Borsig Bn2t 11463 at Malta Park, Malta, Poland.

The engine is a narrow gauge unit that runs on track with a XXXX cm distance between the rails. One of the primary advantages of narrow gauge systems is that the track is very easy to lay and maintain as compared to standard gauge rails.

You can see videos of the Bn2t operating at this link on YouTube.

borsig bn2t 11463 10borsig bn2t 11463 11borsig bn2t 11463 44
borsig bn2t 11463 12borsig bn2t 11463 13borsig bn2t 11463 14
borsig bn2t 11463 15borsig bn2t 11463 16borsig bn2t 11463 17
borsig bn2t 11463 18borsig bn2t 11463 20borsig bn2t 11463 21
borsig bn2t 11463 22borsig bn2t 11463 23borsig bn2t 11463 24
borsig bn2t 11463 25borsig bn2t 11463 26borsig bn2t 11463 27
borsig bn2t 11463 28borsig bn2t 11463 29borsig bn2t 11463 30
borsig bn2t 11463 31borsig bn2t 11463 32borsig bn2t 11463 33
borsig bn2t 11463 34borsig bn2t 11463 35borsig bn2t 11463 36
borsig bn2t 11463 37borsig bn2t 11463 38borsig bn2t 11463 39
borsig bn2t 11463 40borsig bn2t 11463 41borsig bn2t 11463 43
borsig bn2t 11463 42..
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