Steam Engine Br94

Steam Engine Br94

About the German made steam engine designated Br94.

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The Prussian T 16.1 locomotives were built for the Prussian state railways as goods train tank locomotives about the time of the First World War.

A total of 1,242 locomotives were delivered between 1913 and 1924. They were later redesignated as DRG Class 94.5–17 by the DRG.

As part of the reparations required of Germany after the First World War, quite a few examples were given to the Polish State Railway, where they were designated the TKw 2.

In addition to heavy shunting and line duties the locomotives were also employed on steep lines. The great success of this class on inclines made it possible to do away with many rack railway operations.

The locomotives of this class were mainly used in heavy pusher service and retired by 1966 or sold to steel works as industrial locomotives.

In the Bundesbahn the last examples of this class were retired in 1974.

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Images Of The BR94

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