Steam Engine OK55

Standard Gauge Passenger Steam Engine Ok55

The steam engine Ok55 is more of a curious experiement based on need rather than a well designed locomotive.

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It is the result of the combination of the better parts of existing engines.


The picture at the right shows a model of the Ok55 at the Warsaw Train Museum. You can get a collector’s mug with an image of the Ok55 on it. Information about that can be found by clicking here. Railroad Mugs

O – Passenge Locomotive
k – axle Arrangement – 2-3-0
55 – Initial year of production.

The Polish railroad was in the early throws of making the transition to diesel powered locomotives. So even though the project was successful, Ok55-3 was the last locomotive built for PKP.

The Ok55 was a hybred made by using the more modern boilers of the Tr201 and Tr203 on the undercarriages of Ok22.

Based on the results, there were ideas to continue the program with added improvements, but the priority was on on diesel power so the project was dropped.

The history of the project is fascinating. It all starts with the American Consolidation Locomotive and ends with the Ok55.

There is a great deal of that history at


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