Steam Engine Tw 29

Steam Engine TW 29

About Steam Engine TW 29including pictures of a prototype and a model that you can build in 1 to 25 scale.

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Polish narrow gauge tank steam locomotive TW 29 was produced in the years 1929 and 1930. It was used for many years (1929 – 1976) by the Upper Silesian Narrow Gauge Railroads on 785 mm track.

The Upper Silesian Narrow Gauge Railways connected hundreds of coal mines, mills, factories, and power stations. They carried mainly coal and ore. They were the backbone of the internal transportation system in Upper Silesia.

There were a total of six TW 29 locomotives built. The serial numbers were 313, 314, 315, 409, 410 and 435. Serial number 409 was the last machine to be operated and finally scrapped in 1976. It was built by the Polish manufacturer Fablok.


steam engine tw29 collection of imagessteam engine tw29narrow gauge steam engine tw29
tw29tw-29parowoz waskotorowy tw2
Polski parowosz tw29parowoz tw29.


You can get plans to model this Polish narrow gauge tank steam locomotive TW 29 at TW-29

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You get a book of plans and information, including specifications, about the engine.

The plans offer modelers and collectors the opportunity to build a highly detailed, museum quality, replica of the original locomotive. The model can be made using 1 mm card stock, styrene, or brass. The basic instructions in the book focus on card stock construction. Just substitute the material of your choice.

The resulting model is a highly detailed 1 to 25 scale replica of the original engine. Because of the small scale, some minute details are omitted. Experienced modelers add some of their own.

You can see a video review of this book with all the details at this link. Video being updated.

Below is text information that includes the details about the model plan book.

TW 29 Plan Book Detail

Plan book title – TW29 Polski Parowoz Waskotorowy Z 1929 Roku

Page size 40.2 cm (inches 15.8 ) by 30.4 cm (inches 11.9 ).

Pages with parts to cut out – 7

Pages with templates – 1

Pages with instruction drawings – 4

Pages of text instructions – 1

Pages of photographs of the model -1

Scale 1/25

Author – Jan Kolodziej



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