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Scale Model Fence

How to make scale model fences and gates.

How to make a scale model gate or fence.

This tutorial describes making scale model fences and gates from wire.

For a gate suitable for OO and HO scales, choose diameter wire ________. Use brass, copper or steel. In this tutorial the pictures show us using steel.

Cut lengths about 20 cm long.

Anneal and stretch them straight over a gas flame. Here we use a gas stove. Any other source such as a torch will be fine.

Use a small hammer to tap the wire flat.

Anneal and straighten again.

Clean the oxidation from the surface of the flattened wire using a cylindrical sander on your rotary tool.

Make a template of your gate.

Cut the wire to size using a cutting disc on your rotary tool.

Tin the ends of each piece that you cut. Use a solder that does not have an acid core. A rosin core solder is fine. We use a 60 tin 40 lead solder that has a melting point about 190 C. Soldering tip temperature setting should be a minimum of 300 C.

On a piece of stone or ceramic tile, use Blue Tack to hold the pieces together while you join them. We prefer to use stone because it itself is a heatsink and the amount of heat transferred from one corner to the other is minimized. You may want to add wet tissue that can also act as a heat sink.

Keep the stone clean by wiping it very often with alcohol.

Complete the gate by adding something similar to wedding veil lace or thin copper wire to represent bars. Use CA glue or 140 C solder to attach the wire. CA glue to attach the lace.  Gel CA glue is recommended in both cases. It is easier to control.





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