HO Scale Leaves

How to make ho scale leaves fast, cheap and the easy way with the result being fantastic realistic leaves.

DIY HO Scale Leaves
DIY HO Scale Leaves Made From Oregano


How To Make Leaves

  1. Put oregano (or other spice) in a small plastic container.
  2. Mix acrylic washes to get desired color.
  3. Thoroughly mix the spice and wash.
  4. Dry in oven or microwave.
  5. Press through tea or vegetable strainer to desired size.

Explanatory Notes On Making Scale Model Leaves

Making leaves is a matter of collecting a few very simple and inexpensive supplies.

First you need some spices. Parsley, oregano, basil, marjoram. Each has its own basic color. But start with the cheapest. And by a large lot.

They all are generally green but their color will fade with time so you have to tint them. You can use fabric dyes, paint pigments, or acrylic paints.

Fabric dyes and paint pigments tend to work better than acrylic paints. Acrylic paints tend to get hard when they dry. The fabric dyes and paint pigments leave you with a product that is not a bunch of hard balls. But acrylics can be used. Just be sure to thin it to wash consistency.

To be able to get the varying colors of green that you want, buy blue and yellow colors.  Mix them in a container until you get the green that you want.

Blend these mixed colors into your spice.

Your colored spice will have to dry before you can use it for leaves. Some people use a microwave or oven. Others allow it to dry on a radiator by putting it in a special made screen container that allows airflow to go through the spice.

After it dries, sift it through a vegetable strainer.

You will first get a very fine leaf flock that makes great weed tops. Press the remainder through the strainer to the desired size.

You may want to run the larger pieces through a small, bladed coffee grinder. A second or two at a time is best so you can sift out the best before making powder.


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