How To Germinate Teloxys  Aristata Or Seafoam Seeds.

How to germinate the Teloxys  Aristata or seafoam seeds.

Details regarding the various ways to get good germination of Teloxys Aristata / Seafoam seeds so that you get well developed plants.

Complete Growing Seafoam Video Tutorial Series

Seafoam Growing On Balcony
Seafoam on a balcony growing in planters and cut off water bottles. Early morning sunlight. Click on the image to watch the complete series.

If you want to watch the entire growing process from sowing the seeds to making seafoam trees,  click either on the image or click on Growing Seaforam To Make Seafoam Trees.







Seafoam Seeds

Get seafoam seeds here.


Teoxys Aristata Plant

The plant is a native of the Gobi Desert. The climate is acutely continental and dry: winter is severe, spring is dry and cold, and summer is warm.  The annual total precipitation varies from less than 2 inches (50 mm) in the west to more than 8 inches (200 mm) in the northeast.  The soil is loose so any rainfall is quickly absorbed.

It is often called a Siberian weed that grows as far East as Poland. It is a prolific seeder spreading so rapidly that in some places it is banned.

It is a plant that endures harsh conditions – Little rain, poor soil, harsh climate.

While the adult plants thrive in dry conditions, the seeds require moisture and humidity to germinate.

They require light and moisture.  The requirement for light means that you should not cover them. Just sow them on the surface.

Seeds that have been subjected to freezing or very cold temperatures germinate best.  So if you are going to keep seeds, put them in a food container in your refrigerator.

Germination begins 1 to 21 days after sowing.  The time depends on the seeds and planting conditions. So for best results control those conditions.

About This Series Of Seafoam Pages.

We have been growing seafoam as a hobby for four years.  We have tried this and tried that.

In this series I will show you the methods that have been most successful for us in our location – Warsaw, Poland.

Our Seafoam Experiences

We typically obtain germination 1 to 2 days after sowing.

So how do we do that?

First we use good seeds. Ours come from Holland.  You can buy these fast germinating seeds here.


Teloxys  Aristata Seedlings 3 Days Old
Teloxys Aristata Seedlings 3 Days Old

So now that we have the seeds, what do we do with them.

If you click on the image to the left you will be able to watch a video showing how we sow the seeds to get such good germination.





There are about 800 seeds per gram. We sow 40 to 100 at a time.

Growing plants should be spaced 5 to 7 inches.  (They will be 14 to 35 inches high.)

So we decide how many plants we want and then drop twice as many seeds on a white plate.  In order to have a modicum of control over where you put them on your planting medium, add some sand and mix.  When you sow, the sand on the surface will show you were there should be seeds.

To avoid leggy or spindly plants, sow them thinly.  If planting in trays, the method we recommend, use extra trays to keep the seeds thinly sowed.

When To Plant

The growing season for plants kept outdoors is late April – early May to September-October.

If you have the room and desire, you can raise them all year round in pots or planters that you stick here, there and everywhere around your house, model room, office and any other place they can get light.  For extra fun, add a grow light.

Just be careful not to tell people you are growing weed.  You are growing seafoam for architectural and diorama modeling.

What To Use:

Seafoam in seed try.
Seafoam seedlings 5 days after germination and prior to thinning.

I get my best results by using the cheap seed trays

They are filled with a cheap potting medium or sandy soil.  Note that it is best to sterilize your planting medium by putting it into the oven at 180 degrees C for 1/2 hour.

Once the seeds are added – I hope you watched the video above – I put them on a window sill.

In a couple days I have seedlings.

As soon as the seeds germinate, uncover them and put them in full sunlight.  Keep the soil moist.

Sowing Outdoors

This is hit or miss. You have no control of the weather.

I start my seafoam indoors in the seed trays. As the plants grow, I thin them and let them develop good root systems.  Once they are up and have developed a good system of true leaves, I move them outdoors.


How To Make Seafoam Trees

This link will take you to a step by step guide on making seafoam trees.  How To Make Seafoam Trees.


Seafoam Seeds

Get seafoam seeds here.







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