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How To Grow Teloxys Aristata Or Seafoam

Tips And Hints For Growing Teloxys Aristata Seafoam

It is not really hard to grow.  And once you get it started, it will reseed and give you an annual crop. The reseeding property, as well as it becoming a tumbleweed after it matures, make it a fast spreading weed.  It is such a noxious, almost uncontrollable weed that it is banned in some places.

book how to grow seafoam
Click On Image To Get A Free Copy

Free Growing Seafoam Guide Book

The book to the left is a comprehensive guide to seafoam from planting the seeds to making the trees.

The book documents how we have been successfully growing seafoam in a very small area.

It is free.  Click on the image to get a copy.

About The Book Growing Seafoam

The book was written to answer many questions and to provide a definitive reference book that takes you through the process of planting seeds to making many kinds of trees. It is free and highly recommended for anyone interested in making seafoam trees.

This video shows you the seafoam that you can grow fallowing the step by step guide in this book.


How To Grow Teloxys Aristata Or Seafoam

Being a native of the Gobi Desert, where the soil is worn out and sandy and there is little rain, it is a survivor. So you will have a hard time in not succeeding in your efforts.

You will find that it is a low maintenance product that takes very little time and that will grow almost anywhere.


Ways To Use Seafoam

Trim and add flock/leaves to the branches as they come from the seafoam plants.

Prune seafoam to make specific species of trees such as Spruce, Scots Pine, Gum and more.

Use small seafoam pieces to make bushes and shrubs.

Use small seafoam pieces to make small trees.

Add static grass to seafoam sprigs to make more dense bushes and armature branches.

Add realistic look to plastic armatures

And branches to wire armatures.

And more.  Where you need a branch or bush, seafoam with provide the solution,


Seafoam Seeds

The seed that we use  have a high germination rate and germinate in 1 to 2 days. Get those seafoam seeds here.


Seafoam Growing On Balcony
Seafoam on a balcony growing in planters and cut off water bottles. Early morning sunlight. Click on the image to watch the complete series.

We grow seafoam in a small flat on a very small balcony and on a window sill.  After September in Poland, we grow it only on our window sill.  The video series shows you our winter planting routine.

The point of this is that you do not need much space.






About This Series Of Seafoam Pages.

We have been growing seafoam as a hobby for four years.  We have tried this and tried that.

In this series I will show you the methods that have been most successful for us in our location – Warsaw, Poland.

First here is basic germination information.

How To Grow Seafoam Part 1
How To Germinate Seafoam Seeds

Clicking on this image will take you to a video that shows the process of sowing in detail.

And here are text notes

The Teloxys aristata Seafoam seeds that we use are from Holland.  They usually germinate in 1 to 2 days after they are added to a seed germinating tray, and the tray covered.  You can buy these fast germinating seeds here.

The seeds are mere specs.  Do not cover them. Surface sow it just like the plant seeds naturally.  Just gently press the seeds into the surface of the soil.

From the cold, dry Gobi desert, Seafoam likes humidity to germinate, followed by dry conditions once established.

Use a general purpose, unfertilized, moist seed sowing mix at about 23°C for germination.

Sow sparsely, Teloxys aristata is prone to damping off, and will grow spindly if sown too close together.

Remember that last point.  Soon after your seeds germinate, thin them down to a couple per tray pocket.  After a week or so, thin them down to one per pocket.

Where To Grow Seafoam Teloxys Aristata

There are two approaches to growing it.  One is when you have an outside area and the other is when you don’t have one.

With an outside area, I have found that it is best to germinate the seeds indoors in trays, thin them and let them develop a good root system.  Then transplant them outdoors.

Seafoam Growing On Balcony
Seafoam on a balcony growing in planters and cut off water bottles. Early morning sunlight.

I grow seafoam on a small balcony in planters and water bottles modified by cutting off the top half and cutting a slit with a sharp knife to provide a drainage path.






Growing Seafoam Indoors All Year Round.

I am located in Warsaw, Poland.  There is sufficient sunlight in my South facing windows to allow me to grow seafoam in pots on the window sill all year round.  I do not need grow lights.

For more northern locations, grow lights would be required for winter “window farming”.  The web is full of information about cheap DIY grow lights.

I care for them with an occasional watering and a less occasional watering with a little fertilizer added.


Mature Seafoam

Teoxys Aristata Plant
Mature seafoam ready to be harvested.

When your seafoam is mature, it will turn red.

Now it is time to harvest,  and preserve your crop.

I cover each of those processes in a separate page. How To Harvest And Preserve Seafoam








How To Make Seafoam Trees

This link will take you to a step by step guide on making seafoam trees.  How To Make Seafoam Trees.


Seafoam Seeds

Get seafoam seeds here.



Complete Growing Seafoam Video Tutorial Series

You are invited to watch our continuing series on growing seafoam. In order to stay up to date as we add more videos that will include tutorials on using seafoam in each of the ways mentioned above.  To be informed when we post a new video, subscribe to our channel through one of the videos below.












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