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Growing Seafoam Trees From Seeds

About growing seafoam in a limited space and with limited time and maintenance to make seafoam trees.

So if you don’t want to spend much time or money but still want fantastic trees and scenery, grow your own seafoam using the information here as a guide.


book how to grow seafoam
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Free Seafoam Guide Book

The book to the left is a complete guide to seafoam and seafoam trees. It contains a complete step by step guide to growing seafoam from seeds to harvesting and making trees.

Click on the image to the left to get your free copy.






Complete Growing Seafoam Video Tutorial Series

Seafoam Growing On Balcony
Seafoam on a balcony growing in planters and cut off water bottles. Early morning sunlight. Click on the image to watch the complete series.

If you want to watch the entire growing process from sowing the seeds to making seafoam trees,  click either on the image or click on Growing Seaforam To Make Seafoam Trees.






Seafoam Seeds

Get seafoam seeds here.


Why bother with seafoam? Just look at the scene to the left made with seafoam and bottle brush trees.

The seafoam is homegrown.

The foliage is ground sponge.

bottle brush treesThe spruce are made of boiled rope. Click on the image to the left to watch a tutorial series that shows how to make those trees. You can also click here.






Even when you add the cost of some paint and glue, you are still under the of a pizza.

The seafoam garden that you see is little more than a sloping 2 by 2 meter patch of dirt between blackberry and blueberry plants.

The seedlings were planted in early June. It’s now the middle of August.

The patch of seafoam is about 25 miles away at a family house in the country. I visit the house about every three weeks to mow the lawn and look at my plants.

The patch was subjected to minor weeding in early July. Since then I have not touched it.

This seafoam forrest is a result of planting of 50 seeds in a seed tray allowing them to grow to about 2 inches tall and then putting them in this unfertilized plain old dirt.

Just look at this forest. You can almost put that on a layout untouched and have one fantastic scene.

There are several hundred trees, and more bushes than that,  waiting to be harvested when the plants mature.

For now I will do nothing more to this patch than let it grow and mature. I’m won’t fertilize, cultivate, weed or anything else. I’ll just look at it every few weeks.

Try it yourself.

Seafoam Seeds

Get seafoam seeds here.



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