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How To Harvest Teloxys Aristata To Make Seafoam Trees

How To Harvest, Dry And Preserve Seafoam

The proper way to get the best results for using seafoam to make trees for dioramas, train layouts and architectural use.


book how to grow seafoam
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Free Seafoam Guide Book

The book to the left is a complete guide to seafoam and seafoam trees. It contains a complete step by step guide to growing seafoam from seeds to harvesting and making trees.

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Complete Growing Seafoam Video Tutorial Series

Seafoam Growing On Balcony
Seafoam on a balcony growing in planters and cut off water bottles. Early morning sunlight. Click on the image to watch the complete series.

If you want to watch the entire growing process from sowing the seeds to making seafoam trees,  click either on the image or click on Growing Seaforam To Make Seafoam Trees.







Seafoam Seeds

Get seafoam seeds here.


Teoxys Aristata Plant
As the plants near maturity they develop a range of colors including burgundy , brown and yellow / orange tones.

You  will see black seeds developing.

When the plants stop growing, they are ready to be harvested.

Seeds will start falling to the ground.  If the plants are in a garden, your next years crop will grow on its own.  But the plants may be too thick.  Thinning may be in order. Pull and discard or transplant.

(Note how many trees are on that one plant that you see in the image.)



As for this year’s crop, get a box with a sealed bottom.  It will be used to catch seeds from the plants you harvest.

Pull the plants out by the roots.

Once you have everything harvested, shake the seeds from each plant and remove the leaves.

How To Hang Seafoam To Dry
Hang your seafoam and spray with glycerine for best results.


Seafoam Seeds

Get seafoam seeds here.

Hang them to dry.

Spray them with a mixture of 1/3 glycerine, 2/3 water mixture.

You can spray once a day for three days.

Allow to dry thoroughly but not in the sun.

You can use them just as they are.  Some people advocate dipping each plant of a “drippy” mixture of white glue and water.  After the dip, shake them to remove loose mixture and hang again to dry.

Once dry you are ready to make your trees.  Go here.

Seafoam Seeds

Get seafoam seeds here.



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