Seafoam Trees

How to make trees using seafoam, with is a branch from the plant Teloxys Aristata, as the tree armature.

An illustrated step by step guide on making seafoam trees with added information on growing your own sea foam.

The process of making seafoam trees is straightforward and easy.


making seafoam tree holderMount the seafoam branch in something secure like a third hand.





Trimmed seafoam treeShape your tree by trimming branches out of the seafoam. Save the trimmings.  They can be used to make bushes and to add branches to other armatures.

Note the difference in the two images.  One large branch has been removed as well as many smaller branches.  This one weed will end up making one medium and several small trees as well as bushes.



spray seafoam treeSpray paint brown.





spray gule on seafoam

Coat with spray glue or a scenic spray. (see how to make and use your own scenic spray here.)

Add  flock.  You may have to spray, add and dry a few times to get the coverage you want.



You can buy seafoam armatures or grow your own.  Here is a link to a page on how to grow sea foam all year round

Other Seafoam Tree Making Techniques

You can add variety by adding leaves to the flock. You can get leaves  here.

But also you can add a fine turf. And once again, add variety by adding leaves.

If you apply 2mm static grass, the result is a fine looking base that you can use as a base for leaves. Get static grass here.

Note that some of the seafoam can be shaped to simulate pine trees.  Static grass on those shapes makes fine pine needles.

A note on flock, fine turf  and clump foliage.  Commercial products are rather expensive.  Why not make your own?  Learn how here.

You can stay with the clump foliage or go one step further and add leaves.  You have many choices.  For example, Look at the many selections available here.

An Example Seafoam and Sissal Fiber Tree Scene

seafoam sceneThis forest was made with seafoam and sissal fiber trees.

The seafoam trees use a flock base with added leaves.

The bushes are seafoam pieces.

About making sissal fiber trees here.









You can buy seafoam armatures or grow your own.  Here is a link to a page on how to grow sea foam all year round

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